Dr. Annette Hasalone

Dr. Annette Hasalone has been a prominent radio-broadcaster for more than 17 years..

Voice Description

Authoritative, Trustworthy, Precise, Soothing, Expressive

Vocal Quality

Gentle and wise. The kind of voice somebody wants to listen to when they need assured guidance. Not harsh but confident.

Industry Specialties

  • Medicine
  • Documentary
  • e-Learning & Education
  • Technology
  • Radio
  • Corporate
  • Nature
  • Vocal Profile

    • Female  |  
    • Vocal Age Range: Any  |


    Dr. Annette Hasalone is a well-known Naturopathic Doctor who has been listed in the Marqui's Who's Who since 2003. Having developed a full line of products for her company Elemental Research Inc., Dr. Annette is both an innovator and inventor. In addition, she has been a prominent radio-broadcaster for almost 15 years. She is originally from Northern California and has been playing guitar and singing since she was very young.

    Examples upon request